Video: Sun Dog


Dogs can shred, too. And it’s about time they got their starring role in an artful and action-filled short. DPS’s latest installment of Cinematic does just that, with Conga shredding steeps and powder around Argentina’s Refugio Frey alongside skier Santiago Guzman. His turns are nice, but the excitement in Conga’s eyes, ears and tail as she bounds through powder transcend to another level of joy. TK, Follow, Niva, Finley and the other Backcountry office dogs approve.

Photo of the Day: Taking Off


Tim Haggerty takes off into the Monashee backcountry. Revelstoke, B.C. | Photo: Ryan Creary

Photo of the Day: Diving In


Elyse Saugstad dives in. Mt. Baker, Wash. | Photo: Grant Gunderson

Photo of the Day: Among The Trees


Among the trees, the line is where you make it. Kevin Curran | Mt. Baker backcountry, Wash. | Photo: Jasper Gibson

Photo of the Day: Sidewinding


Janne Tjärnström sidewinding the steeps. Strandafjellet, Norway | Photo: Mattias Fredriksson

Photo of the Day: Fresh Face


Mike Rosenberg shows his freshies face. OPUS Hut, San Juan Mountains, Colo. | Photo: Jim Harris

Photo of the Day: Among Giants


Chris Rubens among giants. Rogers Pass, B.C. | Photo: Bruno Long  

Biff America: On Alcohol


“Alcohol can distort your perspective of your skill, bravery and dancing ability. And I can’t help but think video can do the same.”

Photo of the Day: Higher


Dave Rosenbarger pushes higher. Svalbard, Norway | Photo: Adam Clark

Photo of the Day: Blue Room


Tyler Jones in the blue room. Mt. Waddington, British Columbia | Photo: Jim Harris