2014 Editors’ Choice Awards – The best AT and Telemark Ski Boots

2014 Backcountry Editors' Choice Boots

Here’s just a teaser of this year’s best AT and telemark ski boots.

2014 Editors’ Choice Awards – AT and Telemark Ski Bindings


The future of AT and telemark bindings is here. This year, we tested the first-ever tech telemark binding, plus a tech AT binding with a release value of 16. But that’s not all because this year, brands have introduced more tech and frame bindings than ever before. Find out which AT and Telemark ski bindings won our 2014 Editors’ Choice Awards, here….

Backcountry Bibliotheca


“The worth of a book is to be measured by what you can carry away from it,” British academic James Bryce once said. Clearly he was talking about the hefty tomes and thoughtful prose of backcountry skiing literature. After all, I don’t recommend hauling some handbook up the skintrack. Instead, read up, reread and carry […]

Tried & New: Leatherman Blast

$60 – leatherman.com

With an schmorgesborg of tools, sharp things and twisty metal, a good multi-tool can be a gear nerd’s wet dream. In fact, the list of tasks that a multi-tool can effectively complete is almost endless: adjusting bindings, opening cans, clipping toenails, breaking and entering, or stabbing your enemies, a multi-tool can do it all. And […]

Tried & New: Black Diamond Patrol


If you’ve ever patrolled, chances are you used leather gloves. Once you’ve had a leather glove, nothing else comes close to its fit and function. I got this sample pair of the Black Diamond Patrol back in 2006 or ’07. As a former patroller, I value a glove with a lotta leather. You beat the […]

Tried & New: Smith I/O


Have you ever really loved a pair of goggles? Like, when they got scratched, did you mope the same as when you blew an edge? Or were you once unable to sleep, antsy with…

Tried & New: Zeal Airstream

$109 (discontinued) - zealoptics.com

You can buy sunglasses just about anywhere—gear shops, grocery stores, gas stations—basically wherever there’s a cash register.

Tried & New: Smith Vantage


A helmet is a necessity in the northeast—and not just because Mom says so but because we ski mostly in hardwood forests tighter than slalom courses.



The very best splitboards from Burton, Chimera and Jones—plus one standout binding.



The most inovative crop of AT boots ever—we tested more than 25 new AT models this year….