Snow Shooter: Will Wissman

Will Wissman has been taking pictures for longer than most people can say they have been skiing. He’s worked with magazines like Backcountry, National Geographic Adventure and Outside, and he carved out time in his busy schedule to chat with Backcountry about snowmaking, stoke and how avalanches can save lives..

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Photo Gallery: Gear Test Week

Gear Test Week 2014 was a blur of 200-plus skis, boots and bindings, plastic flamingos and one family-friendly talent show. For a week last March at Powder Mountain, Utah, Backcountry's editors and … [Read More...]


Throwback Thursday: The Mercedes of Splitboards

In 2001 Backcountry ran its first-ever review of splitboards with the apt cover line, "Backcountry Boarding: Dealing with the Uphill." The review included the Burton Split and the Voilé Split … [Read More...]


Saddle Sores & Summits: Cycling to Ski Idaho’s Sawtooth Mountains

Somewhere outside of Twin Falls, Idaho, my hands are balled into fists inside my thin cycling gloves—I am pulling roughly my own bodyweight in skiing and climbing gear, and there’s a headwind. … [Read More...]


Biff America: On Crucial Communication

Jeffery Bergeron, under the alias of Biff America, is a monthly columnist for BCM. Biff provides anecdotes about some of our favorite things: beer, sex and skiing. He can be seen on TV-8-Summit and … [Read More...]


Black Diamond’s CEO Steps Down, Goal Zero Sells and Prentiss Explores the Fourth Genre

Black Diamond’s President, Peter Metcalf, Steps Down  SALT LAKE CITY, UTAH — On August 11, Black Diamond Equipment co-founder Peter Metcalf passed his role as company president to Zeena Freeman, … [Read More...]



Ace of Base(layers): Arc’teryx Phase SV Zip Neck

It’s borderline unsanitary how often I wear this layer. Literally every day that I’ve skinned over the last several seasons, the Phase SV has been my go-to top. It’s surprising that the collar … [Read More...]


2015 Editors’ Choice Awards: Boots

From a crop of more than 50 backcountry boots tested in March at Powder Mountain, Utah, we’ve selected the best six models for 2015 based on overwhelming tester feedback and … [Read More...]


2015 Editors’ Choice Awards: Splitboards

From a crop of nearly 40 splitboards tested in March at Crested Butte, Colo., we’ve selected the best eight models for 2015 based on overwhelming tester feedback and groundbreaking innovation. … [Read More...]


2015 Editors’ Choice Awards: Skis

From a crop of nearly 200 skis tested in March at Powder Mountain, Utah, we’ve selected the best 12 models for 2015 based on overwhelming tester feedback and cutting-edge innovation. Looking for … [Read More...]


2015 Editors’ Choice Awards: Bindings

This March at Powder Mountain, Utah, we tested every backcountry binding available, and, based on overwhelming tester feedback and groundbreaking innovation, we’ve selected the best bindings of … [Read More...]



Video: 95 to Infinity

Most skiers can squeeze in turns for five or six months out of the year, seven if they're lucky. For Andy and Mike Traslin, brothers hailing from British Columbia, things are a little different. The … [Read More...]


Video: Powderwhore Productions’ Some Thing Else

As Powderwhore Productions approaches its 10th birthday, founding brothers Noah and Jonah Howell want to do something special. "All we did was capture our deepest powder ever, expeditions to the most … [Read More...]


Video: The Tester Family

Backcountry's annual Gear Test Week brings together more than 50 testers from around the country, many of whom have been returning year after year for as long as they can remember. As a result, the … [Read More...]


Video: Gear Test Week

In March, a crew of some 50 testers joined Backcountry's editors for a week on snow at Powder Mountain, Utah to test more than 200 new hardgoods. From the dust rose The 2015 Gear Guide and this … [Read More...]


Video: Makin’ Bacon

“June is the most ideal time for skiing steep lines in Washington,” photographer Jason Hummel says following a six-day early-June traverse from Mt. Blum (7,680 ft.) to Bacon Peak (7,070 ft.) in … [Read More...]

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