Points of Contrast: in the mountains, everything has an equal and opposite

After two hours of climbing steadily uphill, we pause on the ridgeline. All is quiet—no labored breathing, no squeak of bindings or whoosh of pant legs passing, no sifting of snow sliding into the cut bank of the skintrack. The air is still, and neither a tree bow bends nor a bird or squirrel moves through the forest.

Photo Annual 2017: Liam Doran

On a fundamental level, few individuals think both analytically and creatively—left brain, right brain stuff. But photographers are different, their work demanding technical mastery to make art.

The Anti Ski-Town: Why Ouray, Colorado should be considered a skier’s paradise

For more than 15 winters I’ve traveled to Ouray, Colorado, nestled in the state’s southwestern corner, where I’ve shivered at belays in the world-class, frozen waterfalls of the Ouray Ice Park. And with water streaming down on my face, I’ve stared into shadowy canyons and up at the northern San Juan Mountains’ snowy peaks, open bowls, couloirs and glades, thinking to myself, “Next time I’ll bring my skis.”

Across the Olympic Mountains: photographer Jason Hummel’s attempt to ski all of Washington’s named glaciers

At heart, photographer Jason Hummel is a homebody. While the long-time contributor for Backcountry Magazine often travels globally, snapping shots of distant mountain ranges and athletic feats, his biggest project of late has been shooting and skimo-ing through his Washington home state’s mountain ranges.

Ski Free or Die: New Hampshire welcomes the Granite Backcountry Alliance

In recent years, backcountry alliances have gained momentum as a popular vehicle for advocacy in the backcountry skiing world. These organizations are seen as effective and central lobbying voices for recreational interests, and also serve as a go-between for government agencies and private landholders.

Picture Perfect Pyrenees: Photographer Fredrik Marmsater talks about his ski trip to Spain

In the October issue of Backcountry Magazine, ski mountaineer Kit DesLauriers reported on her trip with freeride skiers Crystal Wright and Keely Kelleher to ski lines rumored to be first descents in a remote corner of Spain’s Pyrenees in the Catalan region of Parc Nacional d’Aigüestortes Estany de Sant Maurici. Along for the journey was photographer and ski mountaineer Fredrik Marmsater who captured the journey on film.

The Way East: Ski and surf on the Sea of Japan

At first, the idea was just a tiny seed, an adventure combining the love of wild mountains and oceans. Hokkaido takes all the unique culture of Japan and blends it with a pristine wilderness to create a truly special piece of the country.

Summer Stashes: Mt. Timpanogos provides August turns

For this installment of “Summer Stashes,” we talked with Logan Tuura about his annual pilgrimage to Utah’s Mt. Timpanogos.

Austral Aspirations: Allie Rood talks ski mountaineering and life abroad in New Zealand

For our next installment of “Austral Aspirations,” we talk with Allie Rood, lodge manager at Temple Basin Ski Club in New Zealand. This is Allie’s first “endless winter” and she plans to make the most of it by exploring the Southern Alps of Kiwi country.

Summer Stashes: Photographer Abby Cooper explores the fading snow of Whistler

For this installment of “Summer Stashes,” we talked with photographer Abby Cooper about her summer missions in the Whistler area.