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    Backcountry Magazine

    Editorial Director – Tyler Cohen
    Art Director – Mike Lorenz
    Designer – Robin Earle
    Managing Editor – Betsy Manero
    Associate Editor – Tom Hallberg
    Senior Editors – Jon Dostal, Craig Dostie
    Deputy Editor – Drew Pogge
    Rider in Chief – Mike Horn
    Editors-at-Large – Jeff Burke, Megan Michelson
    Poet Laureate – Sean Prentiss
    Technical Editor – Lance Riek

    Height of Land Publications

    CEO – Adam Howard
    Publisher – Justin Reyher
    Associate Publisher – Paul Davis
    CFO – Karen Huard
    Business Manager – Michele Peoples
    Subscriptions Manager – Holly Howard
    Events and Partnerships Coordinator – John Costello
    Propellerhead – Duane Howard