The Simplest Things: Part One

Photographer Liam Doran spent his quarantine in Eagle’s Nest Wilderness, located in Colorado’s Gore Range. After coming out of the woods, he reflected on the highs and lows of backcountry living, and shares the first part of his tale along with some choice photos. —The Editors My disappointingly ever-present phone squawks at me as I […]

Next Steps: Why Everyone Needs to Take a Wilderness Medicine Course

I’ve spent enough time in the backcountry to start becoming complacent. This isn’t a badge of honor; it’s more of a humble learning process. Every so often, I start cutting corners, seeing how many steps I can skip before I find the limit, and I’ve found that limit a handful of times. Rock fall, knee-twisting […]

The Best of Fest: The Winter Wildlands Alliance Celebrates 20 Years

This year, Winter Wildlands Alliance (WWA) celebrates their 20th anniversary. With Covid-19 barring large gatherings, WWA is releasing a “Best of Fest”—a collection featuring the top film from each of their 15 Backcountry Film Festivals—on September 1 in lieu of a party. The showing will be available on Eventive, an online film screening platform. On […]

Gearbox: In-Vesting in Off Season Training

It’s no secret that ski touring is physically demanding. More fitness equals more fun—both breaking trail uphill and cranking powder down. Because the best ski tours last for at least a few hours, your body needs to adjust to that duration of exercise—sub-one-hour workouts don’t induce the needed adaptation. Trail running provides one of the […]

Bridging the Gap: A Conversation with Ascent Mentorship founder Emily Wright

When Emily Wright moved to Revelstoke, B.C. from Whistler, she faced a problem that a lot of women have run into over the years: finding other women to ski with in the backcountry. To solve this problem, Wright decided to start Ascent Mentorship in hopes of connecting women looking to get into the backcountry. —Betsy […]

Accessing Accountability: Defending the National Environmental Protection Act

When Taylor Luneau was living in Jackson, Wyoming, and skiing in the Tetons every day, he says he frequently benefited from the opportunity to access land that was protected. “I would say that my level of advocacy was pretty minimal. I generally just benefited from organizations that were out there. I was just some ski […]

A Certain Uncertainty

Covid-19, masks and politics, oh my!  What a wake up call—finally, the rest of the world gets a taste of what it’s like to deal with avalanches. Here, I present you with a learning opportunity, so to speak. Perhaps experienced backcountry skiers and avalanche workers are better qualified than most to deal with the current […]

Gearbox: The Finer Points of La Sportiva’s Skorpius CR

There’s an old K2 Telemark poster of a skier doing an inverted grab with the tagline: “Take something hard, make it harder, then make it look easy.” Surely that poster wasn’t on the minds of La Sportiva’s designers when developing the new Skorpius CR. But the boot pulls off complex engineering with such simple and […]

Backcountry Access Updates Software for Tracker 2 Transceiver

On June 29, Backcountry Access (BCA) announced a software update for their popular Tracker 2 transceiver. Prior to the update, the Tracker2 switched to power-saving mode after 12 hours without user input; this update is designed to improve that power-saving mode functionality. BCA achieves this in two ways: Firstly, they increase the pulse-width length, or […]

A Grand Design: Bill Briggs reflects on his groundbreaking ski descent

When Bill Briggs, now 87, first visited Jackson, Wyo. in 1952, year-round ski jobs in the Teton-based outpost were nonexistent. Lifts had not yet been installed on the slopes of Rendezvous Mountain, the future site of Jackson Hole Mountain Resort, and Snow King Mountain boasted a single chairlift. But Briggs had a fire burning in […]