Skintrack Sketches: B.C.’s former freeride competitor Richard Small on art, mixology and his native roots

For artist Richard Small, a.k.a Raven Richie, the mountains and wildlife of his home in British Columbia serve as inspiration across mediums. From his birthplace in Fernie, nestled in the Kootenay Mountains, to his current home in coastal Whistler, he capitalizes on his eclectic interest—from drawing and digital work to cocktail making—he pushes his artistic boundaries.

Photographer Profile: Ryan Creary captures the shades of winter

In the 2018 Photo Annual, we’ve asked seven photographers to dish on the inspiration behind a favorite photo of their choosing. These featured photographers capture the landscapes, community and emotion that that evoke the untracked experience, from dawn’s light to skintracks cutting across a blank white canvas.

Diamond Anniversary: Black Diamond’s 10-year ski designer talks innovation, evolution and his all-time favorite skis

A decade ago, for more than a year straight, Pete Gompert hounded Black Diamond Equipment for a job. At the time, the engineer in his mid 20s had a background developing airbags in the automotive industry and repairing airplane fatigue cracks for the Air Force. But while he’d tinkered with ski building in a friend’s […]

Backcountry Basecamp 2018 – January 13 and 14 at Mt. Bachelor, Oregon

BASECAMP 5.0 – Backcountry Magazine teams up with Scott Sports to spread mountain education across the country Join our second BASECAMP stop at Mt. Bachelor, Oregon on January 13 and 14, 2018. We’ll have ski and board demos, educational workshops and tons of new gear to check out. BASECAMP at Mt. Bachelor also coincides with […]

The Skills Guide: Four Steps for Managing Avalanche Hazards

Low, moderate, considerable, high, extreme—the avalanche hazard can be broken into fairly certain terms. But that simplicity belies a much bigger and more nuanced beast, ever changing and deeply complex, especially when paired with personal perspectives on risk and consequence.

The Skills Guide: Four Steps to Overcome Human Traps

Ian McCammon popularized the term “heuristics” in avalanche education in 2002. In his widely circulated article, “Evidence of heuristic traps in recreational avalanche accidents,” the National Outdoor Leadership School educator found that human factors—defined as familiarity, social proof, commitment and scarcity—play a significant role in avalanche accidents.

Alpenglow’s Golden Hour: A Tahoe-based ski shop’s annual mountain festival

This year’s Alpenglow Mountain Festival takes place from February 17-25 , but things are getting started early in the Silver State on January 6, with Alpine Meadows’ Lake Tahoe Demo Days, in partnership with this year’s Backcountry BASECAMP Tour. Find out more here. — After five years, a February storm was helping to bring California’s drought, […]

The Skills Guide: Four Steps to Know Thy Self

Benjamin Franklin popularized the saying “God helps those who help themselves” in his 18th-century Poor Richard’s Almanack. And while Franklin’s country-dwelling character may not have been much of a backcountry traveler, his philosophy holds true today in the mountains: taking care of yourself and your gear leads to safer and more fun experiences.

The Skills Guide: Four Steps Toward Enlightenment

Many snow pros spend their lifetimes researching avalanches, safety or decision making. And while traveling the backcountry isn’t the career of most individuals who are out there, everyone can learn a lesson from those investing their life’s work in promoting mountain safety: education is an ongoing process, requiring constant commitment to practice, progress and inquiry.

The Skills Guide: Four steps for Blissful Ascents

There are few high-output activities as rhythmic, tranquil and calming as skinning. Indeed, the uptrack is a major draw for many, whether it’s deep in the mountains or alongside a resort-bound groomer. But achieving uphill bliss takes practice, attention to detail and the right gear.