Gearbox: Winter Camping

It’s never too early to start planning that trip for next winter…and tracking down the gear to make it possible.

Gearbox: Avalanche Safety Gear

Skiers give a lot of credence to which beacons work best for them, with good reason, but what about the rest of your requisite avalanche safety gear? Is a shovel just a shovel, meaning any model works just as well as its competitors? In a word, no.

Gearbox: 2023 Beacons

Check out our reviews, which we hope will help you find your next transceiver, whether you’re looking for something user-friendly or a professional-level option packed with features.

Gearbox: 2023 Airbags

“Beacon, shovel, probe” has for years been the checklist backcountry travelers recite before a tour. But as airbag packs become lighter and more user friendly, that checklist may eventually need a fourth entry.

Gearbox: Skinning Accessories

The accessories to fill out your skintrack quiver.

Gearbox: 2023 Skinning Layers

What layers are you missing on the skintrack? A vest? A sun hoody? See what clothing can optimize your backcountry wardrobe.

Gearbox: 2023 Packs

Read about the range of packs made to fit your backcountry fancy.

Gearbox: 2023 Sunglasses

Squinting on the skintrack? Read about the best sunglasses to keep your eyes protected.

Gearbox: Gloves and Mittens

The gloves and mittens to keep your hands warm in the thick of winter and on spring missions.

Gearbox: Goggles

Photochromic, large-frame, small-frame, packable. Whatever you’re looking for in a pair of goggles, we’ve got recommendations.