Photo of the Day: Starstruck

Cory Tarilton gets starstruck. Mt. Baker Wilderness, Wash. | Photo: Jasper Gibson jaspergibsonphoto.blogspot.com

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Photo of the Day: Starstruck

Cory Tarilton gets starstruck. Mt. Baker Wilderness, Wash. | Photo: Jasper Gibson jaspergibsonphoto.blogspot.com … [Read More...]

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Upstaging Coachella: Mayor Steve Skadron Plans Aspen Uphill Festival

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BC Banter: Snowboarder Narrowly Avoids Hatcher Pass Slide, Avalanche Centers Release Forecasting Apps, Upcoming Trade Shows

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Reviewed: Peter Kray’s “The God of Skiing”

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The Avy Lab: How AvaTech will change the way we see snowpack

Brint Markle was living in Zurich, Switzerland in 2010 when he had a major wakeup call. The Philadelphia native was working overseas as a management consultant and skiing at Verbier, as he often did, … [Read More...]


Timeless Tools: Backcountry items that never lose their virtue

Beyond our skis, boots and poles, beyond our shovel, beacon and probe, there are certain very valuable items we all take into the backcountry. Each one transcends the virtue of creature comforts into … [Read More...]


Black Diamond Issues Voluntary Whippet Recall

In cooperation with the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC), Black Diamond Equipment has issued a voluntary recall on their Whippet and Carbon Whippet self arrest ski poles. The models, … [Read More...]


Tech Binding Boom: For 2015, Safety Becomes a Tech Binding Cornerstone

In the November 2014 issue, Editor Tyler Cohen explores the recent boom in tech bindings that have an increased focus on safety—and DIN certification. While researching this story, he posed several … [Read More...]


The Smartprobe: AvaTech Launches SP1 and AvaNet

"Saving lives starts with understanding the snow under our feet and avoiding avalanches before they happen," says Brint Markle, co-founder and CEO of AvaTech, a new company focused on developing … [Read More...]



Video: Glen Plake’s Chamonix

“Chamonix has a reputation worldwide as one of the greatest ski towns on earth; a lot of serious skiing, serious climbing, just big and dangerous and cool,” says Tom Runcie of Crested Butte, Colo. … [Read More...]


Video: Sun Dog

Dogs can shred, too. And it's about time they got their starring role in an artful and action-filled short. DPS's latest installment of Cinematic does just that, with Conga shredding steeps and powder … [Read More...]


Over the Hill: The Wilderness Act Turns 50

“Once our natural splendor is destroyed, it can never be recaptured. And once man can no longer walk with beauty or wonder at nature, his spirit will wither and his sustenance be wasted.” … [Read More...]


Video: Out On A Limb

"I obviously knew there was going to be a bunch of obstacles I'd have to overcome," Vasu Sojitra says about backcountry skiing. Sojitra, profiled the latest edit from T-Bar Films, had his right leg … [Read More...]


Video: Avalanche Engineers

“We’re really just trying to understand the fundamental process that causes a slope to fail in an avalanche in the first place,” says Tony Lebaron, a PhD candidate in Applied Mechanics at … [Read More...]

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