Chad Sayers dropping down the Farnham Glacier—the formerly proposed area for a day lodge—on an April powder day. [Photo] Steve Ogle

Jumbo’s Roadblock: Proposed B.C. Resort’s Environmental Certificate Expires

Late last week, British Columbia’s Environmental Minister Mary Polak made an announcement that will put on hold the development of Jumbo Glacier Resort. The multi-billion-dollar project, located 53 km west of Invereme, B.C. in the East Kootenay Mountains, has been a decades-long source of conflict among developers, First Nations tribes and backcountry skiers.

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Why We Love Winter: Reflections from the 2015 Winter Wildlands Alliance Grassroots Conference

There’s something about a landscape covered in snow. Close your eyes and think of one of your first memories of snow. What did it look like, feel like, smell like? Where were you, and how old? This … [Read More...]

Winter Wildland's Grassroots Advocacy Concert is being held  June18 - June 21 in Golden Colo. [Photo] Jay Beyer

BC Banter: Meeting to Discuss Park City Ridgeline, Winter Wildlands Grassroots Advocacy Conference and a five-hour Rescue Mission

Utahns Meet to Discuss Park City Ridgline Development PARK CITY, UTAH. The Summit County Council met this past Wednesday to discuss the fate of 600 acres of Forest Service land along the Park … [Read More...]


2015 Beer Test: Editors’ Choice

Like gear for any snow condition, there’s beer for every occasion. So this year, we organized our annual beer review by where and when our panel of home brewers, beer aficionados and a certified … [Read More...]


BC Banter: White, Hinchcliffe and Soderquist Ski Capitol Peak’s North Face, Avalanche Explosive Triggers Bomb Scare, Utah Avalanche Center’s Annual Report and an Avalanche Rabbit Goes Viral

White, Hinchcliffe and Soderquist claim first descent of the north face off Capitol Peak ELK MOUNTAINS, COLO. On Thursday, June 4, Aspen locals Jordan White, Colter Hinchcliffe and … [Read More...]



Avatech to Offer SP2 Probe, Web and Mobile Updates

Avatech, a maker of avalanche safety tools, plans to offer an updated Smartprobe this winter, alongside updates to their Avanet web platform. The Park City, Utah-based startup of MIT whiz kids … [Read More...]


Summer Storage: What To Do With Your Skis and Boots

Spring is here. And in many places, so is full-on summer. But even though the snow is gone, that doesn't mean skis and boots can be tossed aside until next season. Without any of that pesky white … [Read More...]


Summer Storage: What to do with your jacket, pants and puffy in the off season

Despite the variability in winter conditions across the U.S. this year, one thing is finally consistent: winter is winding down, leaving a slew of winter gear to contend with in your closet, basement … [Read More...]


2016 Gear Test Week: The Round Up

After a week in Powder Mountain, the 50 gear testers and Backcountry staff have dispersed back to their respective mountain towns. Like the Annual Board Test, the Gear Test was a huge success; the … [Read More...]


Board Test: Day 1 Update

With the rapid escalation of splitboarding’s popularity, combined with technological advances in the winter sports industry, the selection process that goes into building a backcountry snowboarding … [Read More...]



Backyard Roots: The Sleeping Giant

For those embedded in mountain towns, backyards hold more than just a grill and a patch of grass. Stepping outside to explore often means heading into National Forests, remote mountain ranges and … [Read More...]


Chamonixoxo: A Tribute to Liz Daley

In February 2014, photographer Kt Miller and professional skier Caroline Gleich met up with late snowboarder Liz Daley for two weeks of steep skiing in Chamonix. The trio accomplished famous and … [Read More...]


Video: Forbidden Traverse

Photographer Jason Hummel, brothers Andy and Mike Traslin and Jeff Rich recently knocked off the Forbidden Traverse, a noteworthy North Cascades multi-day route first pioneered by Martin Volken in … [Read More...]


Video: Glen Plake’s Chamonix

“Chamonix has a reputation worldwide as one of the greatest ski towns on earth; a lot of serious skiing, serious climbing, just big and dangerous and cool,” says Tom Runcie of Crested Butte, Colo. … [Read More...]


Video: Sun Dog

Dogs can shred, too. And it's about time they got their starring role in an artful and action-filled short. DPS's latest installment of Cinematic does just that, with Conga shredding steeps and powder … [Read More...]

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