Pemberton, B.C. Slide Sparks Concern, Criticism and Class Action Claim Over Beacon Design

While filming with Teton Gravity Research (TGR) this past spring in Pemberton, British Columbia, professional skier Nick McNutt was caught in an avalanche on March 9 after a large pillow in his line became dislodged. The slide carried McNutt into a section of trees and, given how the slope transitioned to a lake below, quickly […]


Olympic Dreams: Benjamin Alexander Trains for Speed in the Backcountry

Benjamin Alexander in front of his favorite descent. Photo courtesy of Benjamin Alexander “I absolutely love speed,” Benjamin Alexander says. “I love any sport that allows you to go fast, … [Read More...]

Worried About Climate Change? For These Guides, It’s a Numbers Game

On any normal winter day, Informalex, the email list that ski guides across western Canada rely on for beta, is active with discussion about avalanche conditions and route information. In the … [Read More...]