Skintrack Sketches: Artist Emma Longcope paints the public lands she protects by day

Colorado-based artist Emma Longcope, 25, sees art and journaling as a way to slow down and better appreciate her surroundings on the skintrack. And although she considers her art a hobby, Longcope works to bring her artistic side to her day job as the content coordinator for the American Alpine Club by illustrating infographics and other nature-inspired materials.


Fruits of the Sea

Two crullers and a large coffee from Tim Horton’s isn’t the best fuel for a day spent climbing couloirs, and my growling stomach echoes that notion as I dangle from a temporary ice-axe anchor. My … [Read More...]

Backstory: Turning Back

An overhanging rock face looms to our left, and I can see the Coleman Glacier sprawling far below my feet. Kyle and I are on the Hourglass, a 50-degree ramp that gains Mt. Baker, Wash.’s North Ridge. … [Read More...]

BaseCamp TV: Fueling