Understanding Beartooth Highway: Conversations on springtime-user conflict along the Montana/Wyoming border

It was Memorial Day weekend. 2018, but the road barricade still blocked Highway 212 just past the Montana/Wyoming state line. The Beartooth Highway, one of the highest paved roads in the country, was my access point to the spring skiing that still existed above 10,000 feet.


Skintrack Sketches: Artist Emma Longcope paints the public lands she protects by day

Colorado-based artist Emma Longcope, 25, sees art and journaling as a way to slow down and better appreciate her surroundings on the skintrack. And although she considers her art a hobby, Longcope … [Read More...]

Fruits of the Sea

Two crullers and a large coffee from Tim Horton’s isn’t the best fuel for a day spent climbing couloirs, and my growling stomach echoes that notion as I dangle from a temporary ice-axe anchor. My … [Read More...]

BaseCamp TV: Fueling