Big Sky and Targhee, we’re coming for you!

Photos from this past weekends Backcountry BASECAMP stop at Alta.

The Week Ahead 👀

Backcountry BASECAMP has a big week ahead! Wednesday and Thursday (Feb. 28-29) we’re headed to Montana’s Big Sky Resort for the National Brotherhood of Snowsports (NBS) Summit. While Summit events and activities are for NBS members only, our BASECAMP offerings are open to the public. Tickets/passes are required to demo gear.

Next, we head to Grand Targhee Resort, where we’ll be camped out Saturday and Sunday (March 2-3), celebrating Targhee Tele Festival, in honor of World Telemark Day, and 22 Designs’ 20th Anniversary! Don’t miss your chance to drop the knee: 22 Designs will have full tele setups to demo and clinics for varying skill levels. Plus, their athletes will be around to show you how it’s done!

We’ll still have our alpine and touring demo skis from Atomic, Scott and WNDR available, as well as our full BASECAMP setup, including packs, apparel, poles, gloves and avalanche gear to check out.

Join us for any or all of the following:

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Backcountry Basecamp Tour

A nationwide, traveling festival with the newest gear, the most essential skills and the best in backcountry fun!

[Photo] Grant Gunderson

Tour Stops

FEBRUARY 24-25: Alta, UT

FEBRUARY 28-29: Big Sky, MT*

*In support of the National Brotherhood of Snowsports

MARCH 2-3: Grand Targhee, WY

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