Photo of the Day: Shredding Away

Just shredding away the powder day…. Rider: Kyle Miller | Wasatch Mountains, Utah | Photo: Jim Harris

Photo of the Day: Dream Days

Japan: it’s what backcountry dreams are made of. Taro Tamai | Niseko backcountry, Hokkaido, Japan | Photo: Ryan Creary

Photo of the Day: Divinity in the Air

To air is human, to forgive is divine. Skier: Sheldon Steckman | Mt. Baker bc, Washington | Photo: Grant Gunderson

Photo of the Day: Gasping for Air

With powdermouth, your body is likely numb due to the lack of oxygen your brain is receiving. In this case, that’s generally OK. Skier: Seth Cohen | Alta Backcountry, Utah | Photo: Adam Clark

Photo of the Day: The Snow Gods Are Happy

As the first snowstorm continues its way across the middle of America, it’s hard not to believe the Snow Gods are smiling on us. Here’s to praying for a deep winter. Skier: Frank Desrosiers | Monashee Mountains, B.C. | Photo: Bruno Long

Photo of the Day: Fresh Droppings

It never looks that high until you’re standing there, peering over the drop…. Skier: Matt Cote | Kicking Horse Backcountry, British Columbia | Photo: Ryan Creary

Photo of the Day: Skinning the Day Off Right

Before work, some people read the newspaper, some sit in traffic and some salute the rising sun with a morning skin. Skier: Janne Tjärnström | Riksgränsen, Lappland, Sweden | Photo: Mattias Fredriksson

Photo of the Day: If Powder Were This Good Everyday

If every day were like this day, none of us would have jobs. Skier: Ian Provo | Wasatch Mountains, Utah | Photo: Jim Harris

Backcountry Hut, Lodge and Yurt Guide

Here it is, the list of more than 200 huts, lodges and yurts throughout North America.


A rough day skiing is better than no skiing at all. After the bleary eyes left behind from the “Progressive Party” finally subsided, testers hit the slopes once again and finished off the rest of the boots and skis, completing the 11th Annual Gear Test Week. The warmest day of the test made for perfect spring […]