Category Killer: Freerider’s Choice

Sometimes you just want to go fast, and for that you need power and stability in a ski. These sidecountry chargers value performance over weight savings.

G3 Issues Voluntary Avalanche Probe Recall

Genuine Guide Gear (G3) has issued a voluntary recall of their Carbon Speed Tech Avalanche Probes due to potential failures in their function upon deployment. According to G3, these failures are a result of force used when pulling the T-handle that tensions the internal cable. In certain models, excessive force with this action can weaken and possibly break the internal ferrule, causing the lower segment of the probe to disconnect.

Category Killer: Ski Mountaineering

These narrower skis weigh in at the featherweight level and are great for spring steeps, corn and go-far missions. Channel the goddess Nike and skin like the wind.

Testers’ Choice: DPS Wailer 112 RP2 Tour1

Tester Gregg Davis looks for what he calls “the lightest big skis I can find” in his preferred conditions—fluffy Wasatch pow. He wants the benefits of flotation without sacrificing speed on the up, and he has found the tool for the job.

Testers’ Choice: Dynastar Cham 97 2.0

“The 2.0 is much improved over the 1.0. They are effortless to initiate and incredibly fun turn to turn. This ski held an edge on the boilerplate just as well as it navigated the bony tough spots.”

Category Killers: Telemarker’s Choice

For those of a freeheel persuasion—these four skis were chosen by our testers as standouts in the telemark category.

Category Killers: Killer Value

New skis are fun but can be expensive. With your wallet in mind, we picked five value skis with a lower price tag.  VOILÉ V6 $650 – SIZES: 163, 173, 183, 188 DIMENSIONS: 124/100/109 WEIGHT: 7 lbs. 6 oz. (183) “Possibly the best all-around touring ski on the market. Playful, dare I say loving. This ski, in either the […]

Tech Tip: Sidewalls, Cap or Both?

There are three basic ski constructions: sidewall, cap or hybrid. On a ski built using standard sidewall construction—also called sandwich construction—the space between the ski’s metal edge and topsheet is sealed with a near-vertical “wall” of ABS plastic, which equates to torsional stiffness, durability and improved edge grip. The downsides? Weight and cost.

Testers’ Choice: Atomic Automatic 109

Tester Matt Kiedaisch likes tree lines in the woods of Vermont—but he enjoys letting his skis open up when he gets the chance. He says of his backcountry goals, “I don’t mind climbing, but it’s not why I’m out there. Solid performance on the ride down is what makes me happy.”

Tech Tip: kid ready bindings and skis

There are endless rockered and lightweight ski options for adults, but what’s on the market for youth rippers? Not much, but a few brands offer small big-mountain skis, and there’s a new youth AT binding available.