Editors’ Choice Splitboard Boots

Whether you’re on the bootpack, split skiing or setting a skintrack, these two boots cater to your backcountry needs.

Editors’ Choice Ski Boot Reviews

From four buckles to Boas to cables, these Editors’ Choice boots cater to all types of missions—pillow stomping, 4,000 feet of vert and more.

Editors’ Choice Splitboards

Though these splitboards are meant for the skintrack, you can rest assured this year’s field features boards meant to slash, butter, ollie or straight line all over your favorite alpine playground.

Editor’s Choice Ski Reviews

Whether you’re chasing first descents, fresh powder or your first tour, these skis are built to get you there.

Backcountry Magazine Welcomes Designer Karianne Shetter

Backcountry Magazine is excited to welcome Karianne Shetter to the design team.

Bag It & Tag It: Duffels Reviewed

For an extended trip, packing it all takes a sizable bag. These 80 to 100 liter duffels are built to get your gear where it needs to go, safely.

Hung Out to Dry: How to Store Your Gear for the Summer

Snow is melting and for many the ski season is wrapping up. Yes, we see you, crazy-deep Western US snowpack. Regardless, as your toys transition from skis to bikes, ropes and more, it’s important to take the time to stow your winter gear correctly for the summer months.

Gearbox: Winter Camping

It’s never too early to start planning that trip for next winter…and tracking down the gear to make it possible.

Gearbox: Avalanche Safety Gear

Skiers give a lot of credence to which beacons work best for them, with good reason, but what about the rest of your requisite avalanche safety gear? Is a shovel just a shovel, meaning any model works just as well as its competitors? In a word, no.

Gearbox: 2023 Beacons

Check out our reviews, which we hope will help you find your next transceiver, whether you’re looking for something user-friendly or a professional-level option packed with features.