Uncommon Thread: An ancient fiber weaves a new story of cozy durability

Wool has been the outdoor world’s go-to material for centuries because of its natural ability to stay warm when wet. But this old-timey thread has come a long way since the days of itchy knickers and sweaters worn out of a sense of duty to grandma.

Going the Distance: Six travel and camping essentials 

Multiday traverses, winter-camping trips and travels to far-flung destinations might sometimes seem like adventures you only experience vicariously through Instagram and Facebook. But there’s plenty of gear available today that makes ambitious pushes into the mountains more accessible. To push you toward that skintrack walkabout or remote vacation, check out these camping and travel selections that can help get you out there and back safely and smoothly.

2019 Gear Guide: Travel and Tech

Whether you’re jet setting or hitting the long and winding road, travel can be logistically challenging. Packing efficiently, not busting your budget and keeping some of the creature comforts of home can help alleviate unnecessary stress on your hard earned down-time.

2019 Gear Guide: Safety Gear

Skiing deep pow in the backcountry is only as fun as it is safe. And knowing you have the tools to keep you and your friends out of harm’s way makes days on the skintrack all the more gratifying.

2019 Gear Guide: Camping Gear

Whether you’re using four wheels and the open road or a long, quiet skintrack to take you to your backcountry camping destinations, packing can be a tricky endeavor.

The American Alpine Club calls for applications for climbing and splitboard grants

On November 30, 2018, the American Alpine Club (AAC) will close the application process for this year’s grant cycle for the Cutting Edge Grant, Jones Live Like Liz Award, and Jones Backcountry Adventure Grants to support the efforts of individuals pushing boundaries in climbing and splitboarding.

Backcountry Events Bulletin: November 2018

Across the U.S., late October and early November 2018 have brought winter weather, and early season turns are becoming the norm. To generate stoke and avalanche awareness for the quickly approaching winter season, backcountry alliances and avalanche centers are hosting a wide variety of parties, film festivals and education series—here’s the lineup for November 2018 events.

A Cinderella Story: how to find the best-fitting boot for winter 2019

It’s a brave new world of AT boot design on the winter 2019 skintrack, but with options like shell moldability, four buckles or no buckles, flex ratings up to 130 and weights ringing in at a scant 3.9 lbs., picking the right boot for conditions and terrain can be as hard as finding your soulmate on Tinder.

Testers’ Choice: John Lauer’s Picks

From carving smooth powder turns to busting through crud and shredding corduroy, each tester aims to test eight products per day, a task that provided us with more than 1,100 individual reviews to craft the 2019 Gear Guide, available now and packed with tester feedback.

Testers’ Choice: Will Sardinsky’s Picks

From the 236 products we ran up and down the mountain, each tester nominated their personal favorites. Here are their picks and profiles, so you know who’s doing the dirty work and what they liked best.