Cover Story: “The Spot”

September Cover

Photographer Tobias MacPhee waited all season to capture this scene in Little Cottonwood Canyon, Utah. And when a three-day storm finally lifted, everything collided for the perfect image. Here’s Tobias’s backstory on our September 2014 cover.

Memorial Day Snow: May Storm in the Northeast


After putting all my gear away, waxing my skis with a nice summer coat and getting out the bikes…

Tour de Mount Washington


Nobody likes waking up to the sound of a screeching alarm clock, but when conditions are forecasted to be as…

Good Friday: A Mt. Washington Trifecta


Not three days off the red-eye flight, my alarm squawked to life at 4:30 a.m. My throat was scratchy like sandpaper; my back was tied like a rubber-band ball; and my right foot throbbed for one reason or another. But Cyril’s e-mail the night before was simple: “Dodge’s is in.” Dodge’s Drop, a variation off […]

Behind the Beer: Backcountry’s First-Annual Beer Test


The organized chaos that spills across my desk at the time of this writing tells the story of the first-annual Backcountry Beer Test. Empty bottles, bombers and cans in all shapes and sizes look like a New York City skyline, and the stale-beer stench permeates the air. There’s a mosaic of sticky notes across my […]

Spectacle: A Reader Photo Gallery


Our readers get after it, and they’ve got the pictures to prove it. So each year, we hold a photo contest where the winner gets published in the February/March issue and takes home some schwag from Mammut. You’ll have to pick up the issue to see the winning shot, but here are the runners up. […]

Invernada, In-Nirvana

Packed and loaded en route to La Valle Invernada in the golf cart-sized Suzuki. “If that side of the car falls off, I’ll try to grab you,” Donny told me while rattling up a dirt access road. [Photo] Fredrik Marmsater

Invernada. It means wintered, as in The Wintered Valley—La Valle Invernada. And in this remote region of the Chilean Cordillera, Fred Marmsater, Donny Roth and I sought winter last September among 12,000-foot volcanoes that dominate the skyline. Here’s a gallery from the trip, and read about the full expedition in the February/March issue feature, “Invernada.” […]