A Grand Design: Bill Briggs reflects on his groundbreaking ski descent

When Bill Briggs, now 87, first visited Jackson, Wyo. in 1952, year-round ski jobs in the Teton-based outpost were nonexistent. Lifts had not yet been installed on the slopes of Rendezvous Mountain, the future site of Jackson Hole Mountain Resort, and Snow King Mountain boasted a single chairlift. But Briggs had a fire burning in […]

How one Crested Butte-based skier pays it forward

For Crested Butte, Colorado-based Alex Riedman, being a member of Crested Butte Mountain Rescue is all about giving back to her community.

Why IFMGA-certified guide Margaret Wheeler believes that variety makes a difference in the mountains

When I call up guide Margaret Wheeler, 45, at her home in Ketchum, Idaho on an early November day, she answers with a sniffle. Wheeler apologizes and explains that her nasal tone is induced by a head cold, but continues on, unfazed by her condition.

The Avalanche Airbag: A lesson in fluid dynamics

Per mountain lore, Peter Aschauer got the idea to create an inflatable flotation system for avalanche safety after hearing about a German forest ranger in the 1970s who survived an avalanche thanks to an elk affixed to his backpack. The mechanics were simple: the laws of fluid dynamics dictate that, when a medium is in […]

Backcountry Access: Leading safety technology, 25 years later

In 1994, Bruce Edgerly, along with Bruno McGowan, founded Backcountry Access in a South Boulder , Colo. garage. At the time, telemark gear was the easiest means with which to access the backcountry, but Edgerly was unwilling to accept its limitations.

The Human-Powered Evolution of Greg Hill

In 2010, at the age of 35, Revelstoke, B.C.-based skier Greg Hill set the benchmark for most vertical feet skied in a single year: two million. That’s an average of 5,500 feet per day, and Hill traveled around the world to make the dream happen.

Nine timeless items to rely on season after season

We live in a world of constant innovation—the latest iPhone is out before there’s even time to break the last one, cars can drive themselves, and there are more USB port styles than can be counted on one hand.

Steep-skiing boundary breaker Hilaree Nelson dishes on her formative years and staying rooted at 8,000 feet

On September 30, 2018, Hilaree Nelson, 46, along with partner Jim Morrison, made the first ski descent of Nepal’s 27,940-foot Lhoste. But this achievement was far from Nelson’s first when it comes to pushing limits of ski mountaineering.

Six supplements to aid in muscle recovery and boost energy

When it comes to determining their liquid diet for a day in the skintrack, tourers have historically broken nutritional choices into two categories: pre-ski coffee and post-ski beer. And while the a.m. caffeine kick and après libations will always have a place in skiing and riding culture, there are other offerings that can help you […]

Jeff Engerbretson passes down his exploration ethos

For Amie and Jeff Engerbretson, the search for powder is a family affair. Amie, 31, who was raised in Lake Tahoe, Calif. by her professional-skiing father, Jeff, 54, grew up thinking that it was normal to make a career out of winter sports. In the winter of 1986/87, Jeff began his pro-skiing career and in 1986 starred in a travel TV show Inside Skiing that took him around the world.