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At Hudson Bay Mountain, off-the-grid cabins offer a fast track to the Smithers Backcountry

Comprised of four dominant peaks and cradling two large glaciers, Hudson Bay Mountain is monolithic against the Smithers skyline. The northernmost peak is the tallest, offering 1,200 meters of vertical relief from summit to valley. The mountain got its name from the Hudson’s Bay Company that oversaw many railways and ports across Canada in the 18th and 19th centuries.

The quiet climb: after ten years, Hankin-Evelyn still provides crowd-free bc atmosphere

Hankin-Evelyn has all the basic trappings of a ski resort, minus lifts: plowed roads, blower powder, tree skiing, cut runs (sans grooming), alpine objectives and a warming hut. A large map, quaint outhouse and avalanche transceiver checker greeted me at the modestly sized parking lot.