The Little Machine: Eric Hjorleifson’s back in the shop, aiming to change high-performance AT-boot design

Once again, Hjorleifson is working to shift the AT boot conversation. Over the last four years, he, along with Fritz Barthel, boot engineer and inventor of the Low Tech Binding, has developed another evolution in boot equipment.

Behind the Eclipse: Reuben Krabbe’s quest

Last March, photographer Reuben Krabbe’s dream was realized. He had a vision of traveling to the Arctic Circle to nab a ski photograph during a full solar eclipse—meeting that goal is captured in “Eclipse,” the award-winning film released today.

Beyond Boundary: Yurt Skiing in Utah’s High Uintas

The sled is piercing into my hips. I’m six and a half miles into Utah’s High Uintas Wilderness heading toward Boundary Creek Yurt, and from my waist, I’m pulling 40-pounds of supplies. It is rhythmic and almost monotonous…and painful. Why did we bring so many beers? I glance up at the High Uintas cloaked in snow. A light wind dusts powder off the peaks, and I gaze farther into the distance. Oh yeah…that’s why. I’m not drinking tea after we shred those stashes.