Fear Management: How to Prep Your Mental State for Your Next Backcountry Objective

Fear is part of the human condition, especially if you like to adventure. Whether you are ascending an exposed ridgeline or standing at the top of big, hairy line, the jitters can hit you and you work through it—or you don’t and turn around.

Boardroom: Four Techniques To Improve Your Splitboard Ascents

Like every gratifying, adventurous inclination, splitboarding involves a sometimes funny, sometimes frustrating progression for resort-turned-backcountry snowboarders. Most riders learn to snowboard inbounds and then make a transition to the backcountry. Because of this, using two planks to climb a mountain and mastering additional uphill travel skills can be daunting. So to glide off on the right foot, here are four, easy-to-practice ascent techniques.