Why We Wake at 4 a.m.: an Ode to the Wasatch Dawn Patrol

Photographer and author Mary McIntyre writes, “Dawn patrolling was already ubiquitous when I was growing up in the Wasatch. I thought skiers everywhere on Earth woke at 3, 4, 5 a.m. to greet the day from a mountaintop. It’s just what skiers do, right? Wrong, apparently. Though it does occur on a smaller scale elsewhere, the Wasatch Mountains are unique in the sheer volume of dawn patrollers they’ve inspired to miss out on beauty sleep.”

Iceland to Greenland and Back: Rerouted by COVID-19

The ship’s mast creaked and groaned—its tremors traveled from the pole at the foot of my bed through my toes and into my incapacitated, seasick body. As the boat pitched and rolled, I tried to convince myself that it was a pleasant, soothing motion. I looked across the cabin to Julia’s bunk and saw her […]

Way Back Where: Horseback-accessed skiing in the Argentine Andes

After riding nearly 10 kilometers up the river valley, the horses thrash through belly-deep snowdrifts. The brushy lowlands give way to old-growth forest, and we transition to skis while Alfredo and the horses return to the estancia. We’ve ridden farther than expected, and after just an hour’s climb, a small cabin appears at the mouth of a clearing.

Mountain Skills: Twelve Things I Learned at Icefall Lodge’s Ski Mountaineering Course

The annual Spring Mountaineering Course is taught at Icefall Lodge by owner Larry Dolecki, a certified IFMGA mountain guide of more than 20 years who built his ski touring lodge near the western border of Banff National Park in 2005. “This should be a great week in the mountains, filled with lots of learning and great lines,” Dolecki wrote in the course intro packet. It certainly was.