“Dudeville” by J.D. Kleinke evokes the glory days of ski bumming

When I was a high schooler, my brother and I dreamed of moving to some Western ski town, to leave behind our East Coast lives of skiing ice for those mountains of powder and double black diamond extremes. And, one after the other, we did that, each of us going to college at Western State College and skiing Crested Butte during the early to mid-1990s. We lived the ski dream until, one by one, moved away from the Rocky Mountains for work. First my brother moved to New Jersey. Years later, I moved to Michigan for a university job.

Living the Life: David Rothman On Ski Culture, Recreation and Mountain Living

Sean Prentiss talks with author David Rothman about his ski–culture book titled: Living the Life: Tales from America’s Mountains & Ski Towns.

A True Backcountry Race: The San Juan Huts’ Sneffels Traverse

Some uphill-downhill ski races require more vertical. Some require longer distances. Some have faster and steeper downhills. But few combine gut-punching vertical climbs with steep and gnarly descents like the San Juan Huts’ Sneffels Traverse Ski Race.