Mountain Skills: Cody Townsend Ditches Deviance

What do space shuttles and backcountry skiing have in common? According to freeride skier Cody Townsend, it’s a relationship that stems from an explosion and a theory. Better yet, he’s adapted a method of assessing off-piste risk based on that relationship.

Heady Decisions: Should you wear a helmet in the backcountry?

Helmet technology has advanced over recent years with the advent of MIPS, a technology comprised of a layer inside a helmet to help to reduce rotational motion transferred to the brain, as well as Smith’s Koroyd honeycomb material that disperses the force of an impact. But even with this evolution in head protection, skiers continue to travel in the backcountry without helmets, citing that convenience is king when it comes to bc travel.

Returning to Shasta: How a mountain created a loyal following of world-class guides

Far into California’s northern Cascade Mountains sits the 14,179-foot volcanic peak, Mt. Shasta, a long-time destination for those looking to expand their ski mountaineering repertoires. For Shasta Mountain Guides—one of the leading guide outfitters in the area—Shasta is more than just a mountain.

How the climbing app Rakkup could provide backcountry skiers with fast, mobile guidebook access

Exploring new territory often requires finding a source for good beta. Maps, routes and terrain intricacies all present questions that even local experts need at times. And with modern technology, there are a number of resources available to help make the process easier. But it can be tricky to wade through the abundance of digital observation data and the latest avalanche apps.