The Spearhead Doctorate: JD Hare traverses from the mountains to the blueberry patch and back

He may spend the summer months tending blueberry bushes, but JD Hare is far from being put out to pasture. In 1996, at age 18, Hare came achingly close to ascending Canada’s tallest peak, Mt. Logan, but turned back just shy of the 19,551-foot summit when altitude sickness affected most of his party. While that mission would have made Hare the youngest person to summit Logan, it still helped propel his freeskiing career toward steep and creative lines. But his inclination to migrate west from his native Ontario was sparked much earlier.

With his passing, Chris Prior leaves behind a quarter-century snowboard legacy

Chris Prior, the longtime splitboard innovator and owner of the eponymous, Whistler, B.C.-based ski and snowboard brand, passed away suddenly on Sunday, October 15. According to a statement released by Prior Ski & Snowboard Manufactory that confirmed Prior’s passing, a memorial for their friend, mentor and colleague will take place at the Prior factory in the upcoming days.