Photo Gallery: Pacific Northwest Promise Land

It was quite the dry season in the Northwest—so dry that some ski resorts didn’t even experience “low tide” conditions, while others on the West Coast simply didn’t open. In a twisted joke, it took until April Fools’ Day for the first decent storm of the season to arrive, dropping 10 inches on Mt. Hood and the surrounding Cascades. And 10 measly inches this year warranted a sick day.

Then, on April 11 and 12, another storm cycle ripped through, dropping nearly 14 inches above 4,500 feet. That’s when Tom Bowman, Michael Adams and I climbed up and over to Goat Rocks Wilderness to an area we call The Promise Land, a well-known backcountry zone near White Pass, Wash. We skied and skinned from dawn to dusk both Saturday and Sunday under cloudy skies and cold temperatures, feeling and lucky and thankful to finally ski white mud in The Promise Land.

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