2015 Gear Tester Profile: Jason Layh


Jason Layh boot packing up James Peak searching for what was left of Monday’s storm. [Photo] Brendan O’Brien

With a thick Australian accent, Jason Layh is one of our most seasoned testers. He was recruited during the Couloir Magazine gear test days and carried over to our Gear Test Week when Couloir merged with Backcountry in 2007. Layh chased winter storms for most of his twenties before finally settling down in the Tahoe area.

Name: Jason Layh

Age: 38

Hometown: The Patch/Tahoe City

Occupation: Father/ski team coach/shop guy/freelance consultant

Home Mountain: Twin Peaks

Years in it: 20

Years Testing: 7

AT or Tele: Either – ACDC baby.

Claim to fame: The infamous rattail.

Favorite quote: “Better than a poke in the eye with a burnt stick.”

How would you describe the conditions today: Sunny with a chance of radness.

One piece suits or unibrows: One piece, unibrows are creepy.

If you could vote off one tester, who would it be and why: Me – I’m old and this island needs some fresh blood.

If you were stuck on an island and could have three things, what would they be: I’d bring a boat, a late night cocktail lounge and my surfboard.

If you had to cook all the testers a meal what would it be: Vegemite toast.

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