Filmmakers Launch Kickstarter for Upcoming “Advice for Girls” Movie

Addy Jacobsend, whose poem inspired the “Advice for Girls” film, digs into a small piece of Alta Ski Area’s record snowfall. [Photo] Bianca Germain

“Advice for Girls” will be a feature-length ski film showcasing the collective experience of women in the ski industry. Throughout the film, athletes will share the lessons they have learned through their experiences and pass advice on to the next generation of female skiers. 

The film is inspired by the poem “Advice for Girls,” written by author, producer and athlete Addy Jacobsend. Jacobsend was inspired by a poem of the same name by Spencer McFarland. She hopes her words will remind women and girls they are worthy of success, allowed to take up space, and extremely valuable to the ski industry. The “Advice for Girls” team hopes this film will inspire young girls to show up as their true selves and not let anything stand in their way. 

The all-female cast AND production crew is extremely passionate about celebrating and uplifting women through empowerment, equal pay and equal opportunities. 

Sierra Schlag and Jacobsend consider what advice they’d like to give up-and-coming female shredders…or they are simply enjoying some pow turns. [Photo] Bianca Germain

“I wrote the “Advice for Girls” poem all about the lessons I have learned as a female skier,” Jacobsend says. “Over the years there have been many limiting beliefs fed to me by the ski industry, and, unfortunately, they have had the power to hold me back at times.

“My hope is that both the poem and the film will help women and girls skip over some of those harmful, limiting beliefs and inspire them to take up space in the ski industry.”

Sara Beam Robbins, director of then “Advice for Girls” film, heads a team of creatives that has collectively won awards in Mountain Film Festival, Banff Film Festival, Backcountry Film Festival, Wasatch Mountain Film, and more. [Photo] Katie Cooney

Thousands of people are passionate about this movement and want to support women in skiing. Although the ski industry is supportive of this film, women still don’t receive the financial commitment from the industry that they deserve. To help this film reach its highest potential and make as much of an impact as possible the “Advice For Girls” team is turning to its skiing community to fill in the gaps: dads, moms, brothers, grandparents, supportive partners, friends, allies and anyone passionate about women’s sports. 

The film’s Kickstarter is live until May 5th! Visit the Kickstarter to learn more about the film, the all-female production team, and watch the film’s first teaser. Please consider supporting Advice For Girls either by donating to the Kickstarter or sharing information about the film’s fundraising efforts with those you think might be interested.

Over the past decade, Iz La Motte has gone from Backcountry Magazine intern to senior photographer. These days, she works mostly in video, filming projects like “Fuel,” “Bus Day” and, most recently, “Advice for Girls.”

Katie Cooney is a Teton-based photographer, artists and dog lover. When not shooting the still photos for Advice for Girls, she’s busy drawing in her studio and supporting other Rocky Mountain-based creators in her shop, Fireweed Shop & Studios, in Driggs, Idaho.

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