Gear Test Week: A Family Affair

When you read the dispatches from the Backcountry Mag crew on the status of their annual Gear Test Week at Powder Mountain Resort, you can’t help but think what a party the whole affair is. Indeed, a festive atmosphere does dominate the whole scene. How could it not? After all, a week of skiing where you simply MUST ski as much as you can, on as many different pieces of gear as you can, with a gang of like minded skiers sounds like a perfect formula for hedonistic bliss.

Some of the Gear Test Family at the 2013 test. [Photo] Mike Lorenz

Some of the Gear Test Family at the 2013 test. [Photo] Mike Lorenz

Except that’s only the facade that makes it to the headlines. What makes it all work is something far less sexy sounding—family values. Yes, I’m talking about raising families and doing the right things and not letting things get out of control even though they can, but in a family way, still do….

Click over to for Backcountry senior editor and test wrench Craig Dostie’s full contemplation of Gear Test Week values.

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