Get The Gear: Four Navigation and Safety Must-Haves

When traveling through the backcountry becomes old hat, don’t revert to complacency. Instead, with bigger objectives comes more responsibility to safety and navigation—here are five gear essentials to help push into the unknown.

The New Normal

It’s 8:30 a.m. on a cold February morning, and we’ve been on the move for roughly two hours. I’ve sweated through my baselayer, and small crystals of ice are beginning to form on the cuffs of my sleeves. That’s not good.

Teton backcountry Alliance releases survey to measure backcountry user conflict on Teton Pass

On Saturday, April 15, The Jackson Hole News and Guide reported that a survey administered by the Teton Backcountry Alliance was released with the goal of gauging the level and type of winter recreational use on Teton Pass. The Jackson Hole News explains that because Teton Pass sees more than 100,000 ski runs a year, user safety and conflict must be managed better to avoid future potential tragedies.

The 2019 Edelweiss Raid: A Vermont National Guard team takes on the Tyrolean Alps

In March 2018, I was a member of a U.S. observer team to an Austrian mountain warfare exercise when I first heard about the Edelweiss Raid. More than a decade ago, the commander of the Austrian Mountain Troops conceived of a skimo race specifically for military ski troops designed to test proficiency in both skiing ability and military skills.

Opening Day

In late March, with buds already blossoming in the low country, I tuned my radio to the Seattle Mariners’ sold-out home opener after a day touring in the Cascades. The spring energy cackling over the airwaves felt infectious. It lulled me into thinking of life beyond snow after a winter dedicated to its pursuit.

Get The Gear: Five Tools to Level Up

An Avalanche Level 1 course can open up terrain options, but there’s still plenty more to learn about terrain and avalanche management. To help propel your knowledge to the next level, consider these five essentials to further off-piste proficiency and get you ready for the next stages of your education, from an Avalanche Level 2 or refresher course to becoming a mentor or even a guide.

Freeskier Dave Treadway dies in Pemberton, B.C. crevasse accident

On Tuesday, April 15, Freeskier Dave Treadway, 38, died after sustaining injuries incurred from falling more than 90 feet into a crevasse in the Pemberton, B.C. backcountry.

Get The Gear: Five Out-Of-Bounds Essentials

You’ve been skinning at the resort and want to take your backcountry skills to the next level with an avalanche course, but need the gear to best equip you for the next stage in your skintrack education.

Skier dies near Mt. Washington’s Tuckerman Ravine

Yesterday, April 11, a skier was killed while descending New Hampshire’s 6,288-foot Mt. Washington. The accident occurred in an area referred to as Raymond Cataract, located to the northeast of Tuckerman Ravine. T

Get The Gear: Five essentials to get you to the skintrack

To help first-timers ascend and descend with ease, we’ve put together some gear selects that aid in making strides in the backcountry.