Don’t Skip Leg Day

Former Freeride World Tour Champion and personal trainer Crystal Wright shares advice on how to train like a pro for ski season.

Sashimi and Käsespätzle: Finding the Goods When the Snow Is Bad

Twice Betsy Manero has headed for epic ski destinations, only to find them drier than her home Tetons. Still, she manages to find the goods.

Op-Ed: An Ode to The Snowboard Movie (Plus, The Best Flicks to Watch Right Now)

From igniting stoke to uniting communities, Drew Zieff reminds us why snowboard movies are so important. Plus, he shares his favorite flicks.

Snowboard Movies Aren’t Dead: The Triumphant Return of Mike Hatchett

Teton Gravity Research’s latest film, Flying High Again, directed by snowboard film legend Mike Hatchett, proves shred flicks are still all the rage.

The Decision: How to Say Yes (or No) When It Counts

After all the planning, observing and communicating comes the moment of truth—when it’s time to decide what to ride.

The Talk: How to Communicate in the Backcountry

Creating clear communication starts with a good plan and ends with making informed group decisions. Here’s what it takes.

On Hold: Vermont Agency of Natural Resources Says No to Smuggs’-Stowe Connector

After plans for a proposed gondola between Smugglers’ Notch Resort and Stowe Mountain Resort were leaked to the public this summer, the contested project is now on hold due to opposition from the Vermont Agency of Natural Resources.

The Scene: How To Observe Your Surroundings

While sometimes what you see on the ground lines up with the forecast, the backcountry is a constantly changing environment. Forecasters’ predictions don’t always come true, so it’s on you to confirm them in the field.

The Future of The Fifty: Cody Townsend Considers What’s Left to Accomplish

After completing 40 out of 50 of North America’s most iconic ski lines, Cody Townsend is rethinking how he wants to complete the final descents.

Advice for Girls: Breaking Barriers on the Slopes and Beyond

When Lani Bruntz was asked to be a part of the film Advice for Girls, she was hesitant to give up her limited free days to work on another project. But the mission to create space for women in the industry captivated her. With the world premiere this weekend, Bruntz shares what compelled her to say yes.