Pachinko Slots: Gambling in the Japanese Alps

While skiers and riders flock to Hokkaido, Japan’s northern island, Betsy Manero takes a chance in the Japanese Alps.

Atmospheric Flow

Gabrielle Antonioli first thought she wanted to be a doctor. But a sharp left turn put her on a different track: avalanche forecasting. Today, she’s working for Bridger-Teton Avalanche Center.

The Deadliest Winter: A Look Back at the 2020/21 Season

With 37 avalanche fatalities recorded in the U.S. during winter 2020/21, the season stands as the deadliest in modern history. Here’s what we can learn from a devastating year.

Don’t Skip Leg Day

Former Freeride World Tour Champion and personal trainer Crystal Wright shares advice on how to train like a pro for ski season.

Sashimi and Käsespätzle: Finding the Goods When the Snow Is Bad

Twice Betsy Manero has headed for epic ski destinations, only to find them drier than her home Tetons. Still, she manages to find the goods.

The Talk: How to Communicate in the Backcountry

Creating clear communication starts with a good plan and ends with making informed group decisions. Here’s what it takes.

The Scene: How To Observe Your Surroundings

While sometimes what you see on the ground lines up with the forecast, the backcountry is a constantly changing environment. Forecasters’ predictions don’t always come true, so it’s on you to confirm them in the field.

Ski GPT: AspectAvy takes the guess work out of decision making

A new app compiles pages of snow, weather, terrain and avalanche data to assist users in planning safer backcountry tours.

A Ski Bum Looks at 30

Editor in chief Betsy Manero mourns Jimmy Buffet’s passing and revisits an editor’s note inspired by the “Margaritaville” singer.

Mountain Skills: Plan Like A Pro

How an effective morning meeting can lead to better days out.