Summer Stashes: Gallatin Peak

It’s June, and maybe you’re still fighting the realization that winter is over. You’re probably mountain biking, or just twiddling your thumbs, questioning if it’s too early to start watching ski movies in anticipation of next season. But if you’re strong willed and willing to work for it (in some cases really work for it) you can find skiing all year without blowing your savings on a plane ticket to South America. “While nearly every ski option takes effort in the summer months,” says photographer Jason Hummel, who traversed Northern Cascade Range in Washington’s Cascades for 16 days last June without hitting a rock, “It is that effort that drives the appeal.”

Here’s the newest installment of A Diehard’s Guide to Skiing All Year. All summer long we’ll be sharing the next destination you should add to your list of summertime snow stashes.


Gallatin Peak 2 676

Rob Wudlick drops into Bear Basin on April 26, 2009. [Photo] Steve Jay

LOCATION: Gallatin Range, Spanish Peaks, Montana
CLOSEST COMMUNITY: Bozeman is an hour away
WHEN TO SKI: April-July

“Gallatin Peak is best skied in the late spring or early summer. Expect a long, painful approach, but the 1,500 feet of perfectly angled corn makes it worth it. Or, if you’re feeling sporty, head up the Hellroaring Valley and find more couloirs than you could ski in a week. Just remember to leave a beer at the trailhead. You’ll need it.” —Steve Jay, the voice behind

Gallatin Peak 1

Gallatin Peak from Hellroaring Creek in late April, 2009. [Photo] Steve Jay


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  1. Gallitan peak is actualy in the madison mountain range. The spanish peaks comprise the northern portIon of the madison range with gallitan peak being the highest point in tge spanish peaks complex.

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