Weed Wars Rage in Aspen, WWA Needs Your Help and Maple Syrup Goes Mobile



2298921212_001c4da0dd_qMarijuana Price Wars Ramp Up in Aspen

Tourists are flocking to Aspen, Colo. with two things in mind: spotting A-list celebs and toking up, a reality that has doubled recreational sales and created a medical marijuana surplus in the ski town. Intent on finding recreational ganj, the out-of-towners are willing to pay as much as $122.50 for just an eighth, according to the Aspen Times. With medical supplies backing up, several Aspen pot shops have lowered their medical marijuana prices, only to be met with even lower numbers from their competitors. “People come in now and expect to find 7 grams for $40,” John Rogan, a pot shop employee, says. “We now have ounces as low as $150, with our premium flower up to $275. The focus has gone from how good the bud is to how cheap it costs.” Those medical marijuana card holder friends of yours? Keep them close. Read more here.

WWA Seeks Help From BC CommunityWinter_Wildlands_Alliance_Logo

By August 4, Winter Wildlands Alliance is seeking 1,000 comments to a draft release on June 18 that outlines the Forest Service’s snowmobile management. As is, the draft is in no way exhaustive and several quirks will likely generate future problems. Among other things, the draft may allow old rules to be grandfathered in, which could reinstate old policies that were made without comprehensive analysis. To make the new snowmobile rules as effective as possible, WWA needs help from the backcountry community. “WWA has an ambitious goal to rally…backcountry and Nordic skiers, snowboarders, snowshoers and winter mountaineers to weigh in with unique comments to ensure the Forest Service finalizes a rule that meets its obligation to minimize the impacts of winter motorized use, and finally brings balance to the backcountry,” WWA announced on their website. To comment and learn more, click here.

20140708114026-mockup_2Cochran Family Mobilizes Maple Syrup

Vermont’s Cochran family is known for two things: skiing and syrup. Through crowd-funding site indiegogo.com, they’re now taking the later and making it portable. Working with ProTour cyclist and fellow New Englander Ted King, the Cochran’s plan to put their 100-percent pure maple syrup in a backcountry-friendly, energy-gel-style package—good for skintrack pancakes or just slurping down. To help fund the project, which seeks to raise $35,000 by September 9 (at press time, they’re 41 percent of the way), click here.

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