The Snow Pro: Janelle Smiley talks the art of efficiency

Janelle Smiley, a Jackson, Wyo.-based Exum guide and holistic life coach, believes efficiency is the path to peak success.

The Snow Pro: Avalanche forecaster Drew Hardesty sets his intentions for success

Drew Hardesty is a long-time forecaster with the Utah Avalanche Center and climbing ranger in Grand Teton National Park. Here, he muses on how setting the right goals and intentions for the day will help define safety parameters for any objective.

The Snow Pro: Donny Roth talks risk, communication and guiding around the world

AMGA guide Donny Roth, from Crested Butte, Colo., spends his time guiding throughout the Elk Mountains during winter before heading to the Southern Hemisphere to guide on Chile’s volcanoes for the other half of the year with his company, Chile Powder Adventures.