Chamonixoxo: A Tribute to Liz Daley

In February 2014, photographer Kt Miller and professional skier Caroline Gleich met up with late snowboarder Liz Daley for two weeks of steep skiing in Chamonix. The trio accomplished famous and technical descents like the Y Couloir of Aiguille de Argentiere and the West Couloir of Aiguille du Chardonnet, polishing their ski mountaineering skills and surprising more than a few with their technical proficiency. As a tribute to Daley, who passed away in an avalanche in late September, Kt Miller showcases their time in the French Alps.

Chamonixoxo from Kt Miller on Vimeo.

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  1. when is a spade a spade? Is this really “a tribute to Daley”??? there were only a handful of stills and 30 seconds of video out of 5 minutes that were Liz.

  2. What nonsense.

  3. This film seems like false advertising –

  4. Beautiful piece, thanks KT. Bissous.

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