Testers’ Choice: Voilé V8


[Photo] Alden Pellett

[Photo] Alden Pellett

Bill Reid | 5’9”, 180 lbs.
Laurentian Mountains, Quebec

Bill was a freestyler in the ’80s, a racer in high school, a telemarker sometime after that and has been a ski tester for the last three years. He likes touring, but prefers to ski with friends—unless it’s a powder day. His pick of the test? The Voilé V8.


Overall Score: 9/10
Best Speed: Medium to Fast
Responsiveness: 9/10
Playfulness: 9/10
Turn Initiation: 9/10
Crud Performance: 9/10
Powder Performance: 9/10
Hard-Snow Performance: 9/10

COMMENTS: “The V8 is perhaps Voilé’s best ski yet. It’s as floaty as the wider Voilé Buster but has absurd responsiveness and hard-snow performance.”


$625 – VOILE.COM
SIZES (cm):
165, 176, 186, 193
7 lbs. 12 oz. (186)







  1. Alden, we are of SIMILAR ski backgrounds, size and weight.
    Currently on Rossignol S7 188.
    Looking to purchase the V8 for a lightweight backcountry ski.
    What length would you RECOMMEND for me, 176 or 186.


    • Tyler Cohen says:

      I’d recommend the 186. The V8 has an S7-like rocker profile, and anything much smaller than what you’re on would definitely feel tiny for you.

  2. alden, I’ve decided to drop the coin on a pair of these bad boys! do they ski short? I’m torn between the 176 and 186. Currently skiing a 177 line prophet and love it! I’m planning on using primarily as a daily driver and allot of uphilling and bc.


  3. i ski a 176 liberty helix. 5’8″ 150lbs. wondering if i should size up ore stick w/ 176

    • Tyler Cohen says:

      Both skis have a pretty similar rocker profile—low, long tip rocker, camber underfoot and a little tail rocker—so you oughta be happy with the 176 unless you’re after a big-gun ski for open terrain.

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