Hop to It: Your favorite flower, explained

When brewers talk hops, they’re referring to the flowering cone on the plant Humulus Lupulus, a perennial vine. Hops are dried and added to beers for flavor and stability, and overtime they’ve been cultivated to create a range of tastes. Here’s a rundown of popular U.S. varieties.

Ryan Koupal’s 40 Tribes Backcountry offers Asia’s most exotic yurt trips

Wake up, drink coffee, eat breakfast, climb outside to ski—it’s a classic yurt-trip experience. But instead of emerging into Colorado’s snow-covered aspens or British Columbia’s blanketed conifers, you awake in a high-mountain pasture where 12,000-foot peaks surround the yurt’s traditional woolen-felt cover. It is the farthest out, most exotic yurt-based ski setting imaginable—and that is exactly what Ryan Koupal set out to create in Kyrgyzstan seven years ago.

Are You Smarter Than a Hipster? Small-scale breweries and their differences

For some, differentiating beers and breweries is an art form with its own brand of terroir and production nuances that affect flavor. But for the rest of us, just knowing the basics is enough, so here is a brief rundown of fermentation facilities and how to tell them apart.

In an age of same-day delivery by drone, will small-town ski shops stick around?

Martin Volken remembers the day that REI moved to North Bend, Washington, near his shop, Pro Ski and Mountain Service. The retail giant invited Volken, along with other nervous neighborhood storeowners, to talk with Sally Jewell, REI’s then CEO.

Down to Earth: Freeskier Lexi Dupont dishes on new expedition education series

This past April, a team of skiers and educators from around the U.S. set out on a trip to Iceland with the intention of using their travel experiences as a teaching tool for students at the Bend, Ore. Waldorf School. The educational journey, dubbed Down to Earth, was developed by teacher Michaela Precourt along with seven other team members, including freeskier and environmental advocate Lexi DuPont, as a way to connect the passion of the expedition members for skiing with on-the-ground environmentalism, community engagement and educational outreach for students back in the states.

Beer Guide 2017: A Bitter Breakdown

The first written record of pale ales popped up in a Calcutta newspaper in the early 1700s. Fast forward a few centuries, and pale ales can be broken down into several categories. But what’s the difference?

How world-champion freeskier Alison Gannett slashes glass ceilings

When Alison Gannett won the Freeskiing World Championship in 1998, she established her name in the sport. In 2001, she created her women-specific Rippin Chix Steep Camps and, in doing so, challenged skiing’s male-dominated landscape. Now, this year, Gannett is putting another crack in skiing’s glass ceiling.

2017 Beer Guide: Dark and Robust

Some things just go together, like dive bars and ski bums, spring days and one-piece ski suits. We’ve applied that philosophy to this year’s Beer Guide, pairing 18 craft beers from around the country with how best to enjoy them—whether that’s hydrating throughout the day or being the guy who takes an Uber home from […]

No Avy Deaths in Utah: UAC director Mark Staples unpacks this year’s benchmark season

The 2017 winter season—bringing record-breaking snowfall, high winds and extreme avy danger on more than one occasion—is over. And Utah has surfaced at the end of this season with the accomplishment of having experienced zero avy deaths.

Granite Backcountry Alliance gains preliminary approval for glading projects in the White Mountains

On Wednesday, May 25, New Hampshire’s Granite Backcountry Alliance (GBA) announced that it received preliminary federal approval to begin planning for two backcountry skiing-specific clearing projects in the White Mountain National Forest—the first of their kind in the history of the WMNF.