Mind Over Mountain: Andreas Fransson’s Story


Andreas Fransson defined modern extreme skiing with fearless firsts and repeat descents that ranked among those of steep-skiing pioneers who, before him, delimited what was doable on skis. He shattered those limits. Editor Tyler Cohen spent a few days in 2013 skiing in Chamonix, France to ski in the shadow of a legend who died Monday, September 29.

Splitboarder Liz Daley Killed In Argentine Avalanche


According to the Argentine news outlet OPI Santa Cruz, splitboarder and AMGA guide Liz Daley, of Tacoma, Wash., was killed in an avalanche on Monday near El Chantél, Argentina. Daley, and her party of five, were reportedly descending Cerro Vespignani (2,146 meters) when the avalanche struck, carrying her 200 meters.

Andreas Fransson & JP Auclair Confirmed Dead in South American Avalanche


According to a news report published by Chilean news outlet Publicmetro.cl, extreme skiers Andreas Fransson and JP Auclair have reportedly died in an avalanche that occurred late Monday on Monte San Lorenzo on the Chilean-Argentinean border. Fransson and Auclair traveled last week to southern Chile with filmmaker Bjarne Salén and photographer Daniel Rönnbäck. The group planned to spend two weeks in the Patagonia region to film and shoot a collaborative webisode project.

Backcountry Hut, Lodge and Yurt Guide


Here it is, the list of more than 200 huts, lodges and yurts throughout North America.

WWA Film Festival, ‘Dreamline,’ Fines for Photos and the 2014 Travel Guide


The Winter Wildlands Alliance announces their Backcountry Film Festival lineup, Ptor Spricenieks’ ‘Dreamline’ debuts, the USFS proposes fines for photos and the 2014 Backcountry Travel Guide hits newsstands.

40 Tribes: Backcountry Riding in Kyrgyzstan


When Ryan Koupal first visited the China/Kyrgyzstan border in 1999, he was deeply intrigued by the rugged, remote Tien Shan Mountains. So, after graduating in 2003 with a degree in Mandarin Chinese from Middlebury College, he returned to the Tien Shan while leading programs for Where There Be Dragons, a study-abroad program for high school and college students.

Avalanche on Shishapangma, Nepal Kills Two


According to a press release, Sebastian Haag and Andrea Zambaldi died yesterday in an avalanche on Nepal’s Shishapangma (8,013 meters). The two, who were ascending with Benedikt Böhm, Martin Maier and Ueli Steck, were within 100 meters of the summit when the avalanche struck. Maier was caught but survived the slide, which reportedly ran 600 vertical […]

The Friend: Line Creator Jason Levinthal’s New Vision


In 2013, having spent 18 years building Line Skis up from its roots in his parents’ garage to the successful company that it is today, Jason Levinthal launched a new brand tied directly to his own persona: J Skis. Now, his East Coast, no-compromise roots are on display in limited-release batches sold direct to customers.

Throwback Thursday: The Free Heel


“There is no right or wrong in the ongoing philosophical war; the contemporary free-heel world is an eclectic brew, encompassing everyone from Nordic tourers to damn-the-torpedoes freeriders,” Chris Clark said in Issue 21 of the ’99-’00 binding market.

Biff America: On ‘Oh Sh*t’ Moments


Jeffery Bergeron, under the alias of Biff America, is a monthly columnist for BCM. Biff provides anecdotes about some of our favorite things: beer, sex and skiing.