Reggae Turns: How two Vermont skiers are reshaping backcountry terrain throughout the stat

Nestled in the mountains of central Vermont, the sleepy town of Rochester is usually a brief, 10-second view out the window for anyone passing through. But long volunteer hours from Rochester-area residents like Angus McCusker and Zac Freeman are giving visitors a reason to linger in town—and the surrounding woods.

Homeward Bound: Chad Sayers talks international travel and the search for home

On the cover of the January Community Issue is skier and explorer Chad Sayers, buried deep in the powder of Whistler, B.C., where he currently resides. A native Canadian, Sayers was born and raised in British Columbia and still carries with him a love of the mountains of Western Canada.

Revive Rogers: A Clean Slate for Rogers Pass, B.C.

Between Revelstoke and Golden, British Columbia, Rogers Pass climbs over the Selkirk Mountains and through Glacier National Park, beckoning skiers and riders with its easy access and big-mountain terrain. It’s the place that made Greg Hill’s 2010, two-million-foot season possible; it’s been written about in every major ski publication and appeared in countless ski movies. And now, it has an uncertain future.