Getting Caught in the Coast Range

Last April, pro skier KC Deane joined photographer Mason Mashon and friend Kye Peterson for a photo session near the Pemberton Icecap in British Columbia’s Coast Mountains. KC and Kye skied a test run, made several ski cuts and dropped a cornice nearby to no hazardous effect. But when KC dropped into his intended line, he took a wild ride. Here’s POV footage from his slide.

For KC’s full account of this avalanche, check out the October issue of Backcountry Magazine.


Contour POV 2013 from KC Deane on Vimeo.


  1. Willis Richardson says:

    All the evidence said no but another mistake of thinking you can mitigate the danger which is an absurd consideration in the mountains. Others in the area already noted continued and increasing danger. YOu can’t just think you know more than the mountain. Skiing ability, equipment and Bravado are no match for defying the old adage, “Turn away for another day”.

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