Backcountry Basecamp Dispatch: Live with Gary Johnson

As I’m writing this, Backcountry Magazine Editor-In-Chief Adam Howard is on the phone with former presidential candidate and daily skier out of Taos Gary Johnson, who is a guest on Fox News’ Alan Colmes’ live radio show. It’s 6:40 p.m. Rocky Mountain Time, which means it’s almost nine in Vermont, where we started this junkshow two […]

Dynafit’s Posterboy Benedikt Böhm on Risk, Racing and Raising Kids

If you didn’t know any better, you’d think that Dynafit Brand Manager Bene Böhm was a ski sweater model, not one of the most prolific ski mountaineers of his time. Since 2004, he’s steadily ticked off harrowing speed ski ascents of big peaks across the world. Now, he’s an irreplaceable fixture at Dynafit, where a […]

Covergirl Jen Hudak On Skiing Mechanics, Good Lattes and Miley Cyrus

Jen Hudak isn’t atypical for freestyle skiers in that she started skiing mostly in the park and moved out from there. It’s a trend among high-profile park skiing pros like Tanner Hall, Eric Pollard and others. An East Coast native, Hudak grew up skiing at Okemo Mountain Resort in Ludlow,Vermont, and her story isn’t all […]

Backcountry’s New Coverboy

This year, we’re releasing a special edition of the Photo Annual for subscribers only, featuring a clean, basement-wall-worthy, light-on-the-text cover. High schooler Jake Teuton is the subject of the cover shot—it’s a stunning Bruno Long photo from the Selkirk backcountry. Jake didn’t know he was BCM’s new coverboy, at least until he inadvertently ruined the planned surprise unveiling of the cover […]

Small is Beautiful: The Rise of the Micro Ski Brand

Niche ski brands are growing fast, and now might be the best time to jump on board with these small-batch companies. Here are five reviews of skis from tiny brands you may have never heard of.

Say Whaa?: Semi-SFW Gear Test Outtakes

The fact that we even allow these people to test skis for us is ridiculous, bordering on criminal. It’s a realization borne of reading this selection of sick tester comments, pulled from a selection of even sicker tester comments that we’re probably legally barred from sharing with you (sick meaning disgusting, not sick meaning cool, […]