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Jake seeing the light in the Selkirks. [Photo] Bruno Long

This year, we’re releasing a special edition of the Photo Annual for subscribers only, featuring a clean, basement-wall-worthy, light-on-the-text cover. High schooler Jake Teuton is the subject of the cover shot—it’s a stunning Bruno Long photo from the Selkirk backcountry. Jake didn’t know he was BCM’s new coverboy, at least until he inadvertently ruined the planned surprise unveiling of the cover during his class by skipping to go for a tour around his Revelstoke home. TV crews were on hand to film the surprise, but Jake was nowhere to be found. That footage would have made for a good evening news piece, but we’re happy he got out for a ski instead.

SKier: Jake Teuton Location: Great Canadian Heli-skiing, BC

Jake playing hooky in the big open B.C. backcountry. [Photo] Bruno Long

Don’t let Jake Tueton’s steezey jackets fool you. Despite regularly stomping big cliffs and classic B.C. pillow lines in front of his camera-weilding friends at Inflik Media, Tueton carries himself on skis like the well-rounded aspiring pro he is. Watching Tueton’s edits, especially his ’11-’12 season roundup (he was 16), is a refreshing reminder that the new gen still values the fundamentals of skiing in technical terrain just as much as hucking cliffs. “I’ve learned lots from skiing with smarter, older people and spending time in the backcountry,” he says.

Jake represents a new breed of young guns, raised in blue-ribbon backcountry zones who are quietly keeping sound skiing alive in a time of afterbangs and detuned jib skis. Jake’s 18 now and a senior at Revelstoke Secondary School. In between classes (and sometimes while he’s supposed to be sitting in them), Jake skis about 70 days a year, mostly around the province, competing and filming with his friends. We asked him a few questions in the wake of his botched surprise.

Backcountry Magazine: So you were supposed to be surprised in class with the cover shot. Instead you skipped class to go for a tour. We hope it was a sick one. Where’d you go and how was it? 

Jake Teuton: My bad! I went to “The Gorge,” a super rad spot for early season trees and deep powder. It was the deepest early season day I’ve had in November, so it was a wicked day, but I probably should have stayed in school. My dad was pissed because he was out of town, and I told him I had no classes in the afternoon. He helps me so much and wants the best for me, so I felt terrible. But it was a learning experience, so he understood and wasn’t too angry. I also managed to escape detention! Big thanks to my parents—they are beyond rad and help me so much.

BCM: Why skiing? What about it appeals to you?

JT: The ability to go and do what you want. Powder days with the homies, competitions, shooting, pretty much every aspect of skiing appeals to me and is the reason why I love it so much.

BCM: How many days a year are you skiing and where?

JT: Seventy, give or take. Mostly at Revelstoke Mountain Resort, backcountry around the Revelstoke area and the good resorts around B.C. for Junior Freeski Compeitions.

BCM: What have you learned about safety in the backcountry and which bc safety tips would you like other guys your age to remember?

JT: I have my AST 1, but have learned lots from skiing with smarter, older people and spending time in the backcountry. My biggest tip would be take avalanche courses, be prepared and make good decisions.

BCM: Who do you look up to in life, be it a skier or otherwise?

JT: I really looked up to the late Patrick Orton, a very good friend of mine from Sandpoint, Idaho. I met him four years ago in Revelstoke. He passed away this last July and left the world much too early. He’s one of the best photographers I’ve had the pleasure to work with and an all around amazing guy. He worked so hard for what he had and enjoyed every moment of life, which I try to do everyday for him.

Subscribers got a limited-edition, no-coverlines copy. You can still buy one here, or check out the alternative cover on newsstands, December 3.

Jake Teuton 2011/2012 from Jay Starnino on Vimeo.

Jake Teuton 2013 from Inflik Media on Vimeo.


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