Avatech to Offer SP2 Probe, Web and Mobile Updates

Avatech, a maker of avalanche safety tools, plans to offer an updated Smartprobe this winter, alongside updates to their Avanet web platform. The Park City, Utah-based startup of MIT whiz kids (profiled here) launched their brand last fall with a smartprobe, dubbed the SP1, and their Avanet observation-sharing website.

A screenshot from Avanet Mobile. [Image] Courtesy Avatech

A screenshot from Avanet Mobile. [Image] Courtesy Avatech

According to a press release, the SP2 Smartprobe reads snowpack structure, slope angle and aspect and can upload data in realtime to a new Avanet Mobile application. The updated probe is designed to offer improved GPS lock and speed, faster connectivity, a backlight and a simplified user interface. Several updates to the Avanet web platform include mobile integration and push-notifications for red-flag hazards.

“Avanet is quickly becoming the software platform of choice across the avalanche industry,” Ben Pritchett, program director for AIARE, said in the press release. “The graphic user interfaces for sorting data are fantastic. Combining these user-friendly sorting features with map-based data displays makes it simple to visualize data over the landscape from the mountain range scale down to the slope scale.”

Read more about Avatech’s expanded offerings here.

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  1. Al Mandell says:

    Although cool and neat, the profile the probe provides does not tell you critical info such as will the located slab propagate. For this you still need to dig a pit and execute a ECT or a PST. So not sure of the real world value of this “tool’

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