Blizzard Zero G 105 Skis

Blizzard overhauled nearly everything about their Zero G ski line after three years of hard-skiing, lightweight notoriety. One tester called the redesign of the most substantial offering—narrowed from 108 to 105 mm underfoot—“A welcomed update to Blizzard’s widest touring ski.”

“Quicker edge to edge,” one tester said. “Super playful, very predictable, yet responsive.”

The updates run deep—the 105 features Blizzard’s Carbon Drive 2.0, a refresh of the original Carbon Drive’s layer of unidirectional carbon that ran from tip from tail. The 2.0’s placement is more deliberate, orienting that same carbon layer across the tip and tail, but now narrowing it through the waist to increase responsiveness and liveliness. “Quicker edge to edge,” one tester said. “Super playful, very predictable, yet responsive.”

Some of the predictability lies underfoot, where plates of bidirectional carbon lie to increase torsional rigidity. That translates to easy power transfer, which most testers picked up on. One recapped, “The torsional stiffness makes it easy to sit and hold on.” “[The 105 is] the ideal blend of dampness, float and turnability,” another said. And as for float? Blizzard didn’t stop its revamp at carbon construction; the 105 features a surfier rocker profile than its predecessor—more rocker in the tip and tail that, when coupled with the paulownia core, makes it a “dream in the untouched,” per one tester. Added another, “This ski has just enough extra tip rise to float to the top of the soft stuff.”

133/105/120 6.8 lbs. (180)
Lengths: 164, 172, 180, 188

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