G3 Issues Voluntary Avalanche Probe Recall

Genuine Guide Gear (G3) has issued a voluntary recall of their Carbon Speed Tech Avalanche Probes due to potential failures in their function upon deployment. According to G3, these failures are a result of force used when pulling the T-handle that tensions the internal cable. In certain models, excessive force with this action can weaken and possibly break the internal ferrule, causing the lower segment of the probe to disconnect.

The models affected are the G3 Carbon Speed Tech and Carbon Speed Tech SL Probes manufactured from 2011 to 2014. Affected probes have red or black T-handles with the serial numbers #1631, #1911 and #1635.

For more information on this recall, including how to warranty an affected probe, click here. Below is more information on the recall in G3’s own words.

The Carbon Speed Tech Avalanche Probe. [Photo] Courtesy of genuineguidegear.com

The Carbon Speed Tech Avalanche Probe. [Photo] Courtesy of genuineguidegear.com

G3 Genuine Gear Guide Carbon Speed Tech Avalanche Probe Recall

Voluntary Recall

October, 2015

Symptom: In rare instances, G3 has seen failures in G3 Carbon Avalanche Probes upon deployment. Once the probe is extended, if significant force is used in tensioning the internal cable by pulling on the red or black T-handle, the internal ferrule can loosen inside or disconnect from the lower segment, causing the probe to weaken and possibly fail. While this is not a failure of approved Personal Protective Equipment (PPE), avalanche probes are used in situations related to personal rescue and snow stability forecasting. G3 takes avalanche related equipment very seriously and is, therefore, initiating a voluntary recall and replacement of all G3 Carbon Probes that could possibly be affected.

Affected Probes: Concerns are limited to G3 Carbon Speed Tech & Carbon Speed Tech SL Probes manufactured in 2011– 2014, easily identified as any G3 carbon probe with a red or black T-handle, as listed below: #1631 G3 300 Carbon Speed Tech probe (red T-handle) #1911 G3 240 Carbon Speed Tech SL probe (black T-handle) #1635 G3 190 Carbon Speed Tech SL probe (black T-handle)

Cause: The cause of the potential failure is poor bonding of adhesive to internal components, causing a possible weakening of the internal bond between the ferrule and the bottom probe segment where the tensioning cable originates. Tests in our lab have replicated this failure when significant / excessive force is used in pulling the cable. Typical human pull strength is approximately 80lb / 36kg on average. The G3 pull tests replicate this function to beyond 120lb / 54kg with static and additional, dynamic shock loading to reproduce this possible failure.

Remedy: G3 will accept returns via the below Return Authorization process and will replace affected carbon probes with new production. This new production will be identified as a G3 Carbon Speed Tech probe with a blue or gray pull handle. Any Consumer or Retailer should contact the G3 Customer Service / Warranty Team via phone or email and request a Return Authorization Number. Affected probes may then be sent to the Canadian or US ship-to address below. G3 will return-ship to you, at no cost, an equivalent carbon probe from our new, 2015/2016 stock with a gray or blue handle. The new blue and gray colored handles on G3 Carbon probes indicate the probe has been additionally inspected for this specific issue and is not affected.

Exchange Process:

1) Identify if your probe is affected – any G3 carbon probe with a red or black T-handle.

2) Contact G3 Customer Service / Warranty Team for a Return Authorization Number (RA#): Fastest service: http://www.genuineguidegear.com/service/forms/warranty-form…or contact G3 directly for any questions or additional assistance: warranty@genuineguidegear.com; or call toll free – (866) 924-9048

3) Ship your affected G3 carbon probe to G3 with the mandatory, G3-issued RA# should be marked on the outside of the box:

CAN Residents:
G3 Warranty 3771 Marine Way
Burnaby, BC V5J 5A7

US Residents:
G3 Warranty C/O Door A37
1201 C Street NW
Auburn, WA 98001 USA

4) You will receive a G3 carbon replacement probe at no cost via UPS to a valid, physical ship-to address. We apologize for the inconvenience and we look forward to assisting you with this matter in any way we can.

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