Tech Tip: Sidewalls, Cap or Both?

DPS uses cap construction in their lighter models [Photo] Jeff Diener

DPS uses cap construction in their lighter models. [Photo] Jeff Diener

There are three basic ski constructions: sidewall, cap or hybrid. On a ski built using standard sidewall construction—also called sandwich construction—the space between the ski’s metal edge and topsheet is sealed with a near-vertical “wall” of ABS plastic, which equates to torsional stiffness, durability and improved edge grip. The downsides? Weight and cost.

“A capped construction is inherently lighter,” says Stephan Drake, founder of DPS Skis, which uses this method in their new Tour1 layup. That weight savings results from the absence of ABS sidewalls—in their place, the topsheet covers a capped ski from edge to edge. Manufactures have begun combining the two, with cap construction at the tips and tails for weight savings and sidewalls underfoot for energy transfer, yeilding the benefits of both options.


SIZES: 168, 178, 185
DIMENSIONS: 129/95/116
WEIGHT: 6 lbs. (178)


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