Testers’ Choice: DPS Lotus 120


Elliot Dale [Photo] Alden Pellett

Elliot Dale
6’0″, 170 lbs.
Bozeman, Mt.

Elliot’s spirit animal is a mountain goat. Why? Because mountain goats don’t ride chairlifts. Elliot, a second-year tester, tours for all his turns, skiing 30 backcountry days annually and prefers steep powder and trees. His pick of the test? The DPS Lotus 120.


Overall Score: 10/10
Best For: Straight-Up Touring
Best Speed: Slow to Fast
Responsiveness: 10/10
Playfulness: 10/10
Dampness: 8/10

Turn Performance
Short Turns: 10/10
Medium Turns: 9/10
Long Turns: 7/10
Turn Initiation: 9/10

Crud Performance: 9/10
Powder Performance: 9/10

COMMENTS: “The best ski of the test. They handle powder, crud and groomers with the nimbleness of the best of them. The Lotus 120 is very responsive and easy to manage through all conditions and all turning radii as well as an excellent compromise of stability at speed and ease of maneuverability through tight spots. I would ride this ski every day in most conditions if I could!”

$1299 (PURE) – $899 (HYBRID) – DPSSKIS.COM | SIZES (cm): 178, 189, 197
DIMENSIONS: 140/122/126 (PURE) | WEIGHT/PAIR: 7 lbs. 12 oz. (198)



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