Testers’ Choice: Atomic Automatic

Henry Yu [Photo] Alden Pellett

Henry Yu [Photo] Alden Pellett

Henry Yu | 5’10”, 170 lbs.

Breckenridge, CO


Henry, a second-year tester, spent 10 years patrolling at Breckenridge. But last winter, he had a rude awakening, moving to Chicago for med school, and only skied 15 days. Now, instead of skiing, he’s training for the hotdog-eating world record. His pick of the test? The Atomic Automatic.





Review of the Atomic Automatic


Overall Score: 9/10

Best For: Inbounds, Lift-Accessed Touring, Straight-Up Touring

Best Speed: Medium to Fast

Responsiveness: 8/10

Playfulness: 8/10

Dampness: 9/10

Turn Initiation: 9/10

Powder Performance: 8/10

Hard-Snow Performance: 8/10


Comments: “These skis feel like a natural extension of my feet. The Automatics are a perfect balance between performance and perfect for a one-ski quiver.”




SIZES (cm): 179, 186,193

DIMENSIONS (mm): 140.5/117/129.5

WEIGHT/PAIR: 9 lbs. 11 oz. (186)


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