Testers’ Choice: Atomic Charter

[Photo] Alden Pellett

[Photo] Alden Pellett

Damian “Road Dust” Riddle
5’10”, 178 lbs.
Wachusett Mountain, MA

Road Dust, a 10-year tester, started racing at age 13, telemark raced at the national level during college and is now back on AT gear. He practices law, but dreams of a long-term vacation and is busy planning his revenge on fellow ski tester Shaggy. His pick of the test? The Atomic Charter


Overall Score: 10/10
Best Speed: Medium to Fast
Responsiveness: 8/10
Playfulness: 8/10
Dampness: 9/10
Turn Initiation: 8/10
Crud Performance: 9/10
Powder Performance: 9/10
Hard-Snow Performance: 8/10

COMMENTS: “A solid ski for the resort, sidecountry or backcountry, the Charter charges like a bull through powder or crud, yet is responsive and playful like a champion matador. It’s a universal, reliable ski for all conditions, but there are noticeable vibrations in the shovel rocker at high speeds or on hardpack.”

SIZES (cm): 166, 176, 186
DIMENSIONS (mm): 130.5/100/122.5
WEIGHT/PAIR: 8 lbs. 10 oz. (186)



  1. That is one handsome man, and a hell of a ski tester…if I do say so myself!

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