Cover Story: “The Spot”

Carolyn Stwertka. Little Cottonwood Canyon, Utah. [Photo] Tobias MacPhee

Carolyn Stwertka. Little Cottonwood Canyon, Utah. [Photo] Tobias MacPhee

“Carolyn and I always refer to that zone as “The Spot,” because I knew that if I could catch the perfect light, it would result in an amazing image. Weeks went by, and, finally, at the end of a three-day storm, we got our chance.

“People in Little Cottonwood Canyon refer to it as the four o’clock clear—it’s that moment when the storm finally breaks, and the light from the valley washes through the few lingering clouds.

“I had been watching the weather all day that day, hoping things would break up and we’d get the light. At about three, it seemed to be happening, so I called Carolyn and begged her to blow off work/school. (She was finishing up her Master’s).

“It all happened pretty fast from there. We ran up and got a couple quick laps before it was gone. It’s interesting to look back and think about all the work and preparation it took to capture one moment, and how that one moment will reach so many different people.” —Tobias MacPhee

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