2017 Board Test Week: Pre-Test Dispatch

Nearly a foot of snow fell on Crested Butte Mountain Resort over the weekend, and while the mercury will spike today, more snow is in store for the 2017 Board Test. “We’re looking at ideal conditions for all-mountain board testing,” said Test Director Adam Broderick. “We usually get a few days of firmer conditions and pow later in the week, and that’s what’s on the books for this week.”

Broderick has wrangled together a crew of a dozen core testers who will shred daily throughout the week, but the numbers don’t stop there. “Last year, I had 40 testers, ’cause people come in throughout the week on their lunchbreaks and stuff,” he added.

Among those testers include first-timer Chris Cloyd, out of Truckee, Calif. “Really looking forward to contribute,” said Cloyd while setting up the Oz Fantasy Blaster. “Definitely psyched on a few of the Coldsmoke boards, too,” he added. Cloyd joined Broderick and five other testers for a pre-test tour up Crested Butte’s Red Lady Bowl where they found hot pow and sunshine while testing a half-dozen splits.

Now that the test is underway, it’s all business, with a few days of resort riding, dawn-patrol missions and sunset laps before some backcountry tours later in the week—plus a cat day with Irwin Guides next week. “Testers crank through at least six boards a day,” Broderick said. “That’s a lot…that’s solid.”

“I’m excited. Seems like a good crew and snow on the way!” added Drew Zieff, a first year tester and this year’s test assistant.

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